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Welcome to Tater Town Raceway! Your Race Track for Drag Racing In Tennessee!

Sean Perkins

2015                 Champion

Some people want a track champion or point champ at the track.  This is what I came up with...all classes will be included (Jr. Dragsters, Street, Footbrake, and Super Pro). The only exclusion is the "fastest door car of the night" winner.

Nothing will change at the track (no cost to competitors and no counting points).

​Right now we have what we call the best                 bracket racer of the night. The
            winner in each class makes a
single pass and whoever has the best reaction time, without redlighting, and is closest to his dial in, without breaking out, wins $100.  This is nothing new.  It has been this way for two years.  What I am saying is whoever wins this the most times during the year will be the track champion and will receive a check for $1,000!
Remember..all classes are elegible except the fastest door car of the night!

                               Bill Cummings
                               Tater Town Raceway